With now over 30 years in the industry, you can be certain your Owners Corporation is being managed by an experienced professional.


The key to any strong business is customer service. With our very first Owners Corporation still under our management today, our ability to build and maintain customer relations cannot be more evident.


With a dedicated business development department, we can assist and guide developers with their projects from concept stage to completion.


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About Us

Binks & Associates Pty Ltd was established in early 1986 with the aim of substantially improving the quality of service and professionalism available to owners corporations in Melbourne. We believe that we have achieved this objective. The clearest evidence of this is that we have grown from managing a single property to become one of the major owners corporation management firms in Melbourne.


Owners corporation management is the sole purpose of our business, as distinct from many firms where it is a sideline. Consequently our staff have developed a high level of expertise in this field through our extensive and ongoing training program and by working with other skilled owners corporation managers. We are a founding member and a strong supporter of Strata Community Australia (Vic).


Our growth occurs predominantly through the recommendation of new business to us by existing clients, and professionals such as solicitors, accountants and real estate agents.

Our Strengths

Our staff, training and quality control

We have a number of full-time strata managers and our two directors of the company are involved in major issues arising in connection with the provision of service to clients as well as operation of the business. There are also approximately ten equivalent full time support staff with varying roles employed within our organisation. We also have a number of franchisees with their own staff.


Communication with our clients

Binks & Associates continues to make a concerted effort to maintain the highest possible standard of work. We have implemented many cross-checks in our software to ensure that we consistently achieve a high standard in correspondence that we issue to our clients. There is a long standing culture of extensive and ongoing consultations within our office to select optimum methods of solving problems for the clients and to ensure high quality of our correspondence.


The committees make most decisions for owners corporations between general
meetings. We provide facilities for this process to be simple and efficient for the
members of committees. Most of the decision making process is conveyed via email,
with pre-arranged voting slips issued by our office.


Reliable contractors

Over a number of years our firm has built up and established a database of reliable
contractors that have expertise in working with Owners Corporations. Such contractors are not only important to ensure that Owners Corporations operate in a smooth manner but also provide the ability to react to urgent / emergency type situations when they arise. The credentials of these contractors are independently certified by a third party and our firm does not receive commissions from contractors.


Financial reporting

Our philosophy is that each owner must be able to see where every dollar of the owners corporation’s funds has been spent, and what is the financial status of the owners corporation. To this end we include a classified list of expenditure with every annual financial statement.


Should committee wish to see the financial status of the owners corporation at any time of the year, we are able to prepare a funds analysis, supported by a classified list of expenditure. Committee should be able to use the funds analysis on an as-published basis without having to “re-process” information provided by us.


After hours emergency events

The Owners Corporation will have access to appropriately trained and skilled contractors outside of business hours should the need arise. Any such call out should only be for an emergency related issue for the common property, ie., water leaking from one apartment to the next, no power to the common property lighting, vehicle access door is stuck down and residents cannot leave the property.


Our after hours operator is a maintenance contractor that has performed the role for approximately 20 years. The relationship has worked favorably for our clients and has resulted in after hours call-out being minimised and largely mitigated. Other Owners Corporation managers engage the services of 24/7 call centers (in Australia and overseas) but such call centers come at a cost which is largely an unnecessary burden on the Owners Corporation.”

Our Philosophy

From the outset we embarked on development of our own specialised software system. Our system offers features not available to any other operator in the industry. Examples
are a personal email address for every client owners corporation; unmatched variety
of effective financial reports designed specifically for our industry; and the ability to
receive/deliver any document directly to/from our database by email, fax or mail. Our
clients have access to their personal information and some general owners corporation
information via our website.


Our growth occurs predominantly through the recommendation of new business to us by existing clients, and professionals such as solicitors, accountants and real estate agents.


Our policy from the outset has been on provision of good and competent service. Our aim is to give our clients the best value for money, rather than to undercut
the fees charged by other management firms in order to win new clients. Our fees are
structured to fall in the midrange of fees charged in Melbourne. The fee charged by
the manager is only one component of the cost of operation of an owners corporation.
Effective management usually saves far more money for the client than the extra
management fee to achieve it. The lowest management fee may well be accompanied
by poor and incompetent service.